101 Free Granny Square Patterns

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When I first learned how to crochet, I fell in love with the granny square. I tend to gravitate more toward quick turn projects, and granny squares can be completed quickly and then pieced together as a project later. Voila… instant gratification.

There are many different versions of granny square patterns available on the web, so I put together some of my favorite ones that were free. Some of them aren’t exactly squares, but they would still make a cool afghan so I included them.

I hope you enjoy! Please come back and let me know which ones you decided to try out!

Have a granny square pattern on your blog? Send me an email with it and I may just add it to my collection!

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    • amanda says

      Thanks for stopping by! I love crochet and had a blast putting it together. Thanks for the nice comments!

      • Mariko says

        Thank you for the site, wonderful! This is something what I was hoping to find. I will definitely making 2 for my granddaughters.

        Thank you again!


      • Carolyn Lane says

        I am looking for a real small granny square patteren I seen but can’t find it .
        It was 4 squares put together to make 1 square this was using scrap yarn
        you connected the 4 small sqs. to make a quilt. If you can help me I would
        I would appreciate it so much.. thank you Carolyn

  1. Debbie says

    Thank you for sharing your granny squares with us. It saves time so we don’t have to look them. It’s a nice collection and I plan on using several to make a blanket.

    • amanda says

      You are welcome! That is exactly why I put together this post, so I would have everything in one place and wouldn’t have to look all over the web the next time I was trying to find ideas for a pattern. :)

  2. Barbara suttles says

    I am looking for a pattern for a baby boys hat from granny squares to match a blanket. Any help appreciated !

  3. annie cole says

    I really appreciate that you have so many square patterns, but I am looking for something specific and would really appreciate if you could help me. Many years ago, Simplicity had a pattern for granny squares. One of the patterns was for baby booties made with granny squares. If you have it or know how I might get it, I would love to have it. Thanks for what ever you can do for me…


  4. klekei says

    There is a cute little one-square granny on pinterest but no pattern available. Bet you could figure out the pattern and post it so those of us who can’t look at a pattern and figure it out could actually make the item…..am I right? it is labeled the cutest way ever to end you left-over yarn : the One-Round Granny crochet blanket! pined by Disou Crochet, Diane Wright, Cindy Walker, and others have repined it. I have loads of scrap and this would be great if I knew how to connect the 1-squares together.

    • Hope Stevenson says

      I too have been trying to find the pattern for this One-square granny blanket. I have looked all over and have had no luck…help me please.

  5. shirley blair says

    I was wondering if anyone has seen a crochet afghan pattern that is a granny square with a gardenia in the center. The gardenia has several petals that are raised up off the granny square. I made this afghan app. 15 yrs ago when I learned to crochet and lost the pattern. Hope someone can help me. Thanks

  6. nancy stephens says

    there is a teddy bear granny square blanket on pinerest with no pattern or I have found it in Spanish. I don’t speak or understand Spanish, can you please help me with a pattern. My Daughter-n-law wants me to make a blanket for my Grandson. ty

    • amanda says

      Does this happen to be the one? http://www.facilisimo.com/riccoboni/blog/decoracion/general/manta-a-crochet_750083.html
      If so, if you click on the image, and click “next” to go through the pictures there is a pattern drawn out on the second image that you may be able to print and figure out. It appears that you start with a magic circle, do single crochets around, and then switch to doubles. Since I’m not the owner of the pattern, I can’t legally publish someone’s pattern without their permission even if I did figure it out for my own personal use, but I think that you should be able to figure it out better if you look at the diagram that they have provided. Thanks!

  7. Sara says

    I just found your site and am so excited. I haven’t done squares in a looong time. I love so many of yours. The palm tree is so cool. Any way tou can do a flamingo to go with it?

    • amanda says

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure about the flamingo design. You might try to google and see if you can find a motif pattern or try to look on ravelry.com also.

  8. Jazz says

    yay, squares…. I might do one of each to make a patchwork afghan. Especially since me and my housemates have just decided to do squares of an evening so we can have some lapghans 😀 Thank you so much!

  9. michelle says

    I love this website. But I’m looking for a baby bootie pattern using 5 or 6 granny squares. I have no $$ for the books. I just need. The hook size and finish bootie size for newborn.

  10. Rusty says

    I love the fact that all these granny squares are together I have been looking for
    floral granny squares for some time

  11. Kit says

    Thanks for putting up such a lovely array of G.Squares! It’s exactly what I was looking for to choose “the square” I would use as a foundation for a whole afghan. So it had to be the right square! and I found it here, in your collection. Blessings, Kit.

  12. Cruz GIron says

    I want to thank you for this website, as I found exactly what I was looking for in a heart granny square motif. I was able to print it out and was so thankful for that as well. I will look over the rest of the motifs in the future as I have saved them to my favs site.

  13. Crochetgranny says

    Thank you so much for sharing all your granny square pictures and patterns. I am having so much picking and choosing which ones I want to put in an afghan. I’m using several different ones and using an off white yarn to make it look sort of, rustic, I think is the word I should use. You are so talented and it makes it so nice when crocheters like you share your talent.
    Thanks again and have a great day!

  14. mrs vee makes says

    Every crocheter loves grannies:) They are so loveable and versatile! Thanks for sharing them and your patterns:)

  15. Darlann says

    This post claims 100 free patterns, however, when I clicked on ‘love a daisy’ pattern I was taken to the website that charges for a membership to gain access to the patterns. Thanks for the other patterns. :)

  16. says

    I love this page. I create and assemble patchwork blankets for the local children with medical issues, and your site has allowed me to include so much variety. It would be awesome if the completed size was on the squares, it would make searching so much easier. Thank you again!

  17. Lyndaleen Hampton says

    I LOVE your site! I love how simple it is to select a pattern, click, and crochet.
    I do appreciate how difficult and time consuming sites like these can be to make, and I thank you so much for your time!!!

  18. Caprice Savage says

    I love all these squares. I used to have a book of them from Annies Attic, but I have to download it again to see them.

  19. Amanda says

    I noticed that the granny square on the fifth row third from the left has a bad link to the pattern. I have been looking everywhere for that pattern. If it is easly accessible, can you please pint me in the direction of that pattern?

    Thank you!


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